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Reduce your energy bills.  Save money every month.  Get rid of that "drafty" feeling.  Eliminate "cold spots."  Feel more comfortable.  Become "energy safe."  Enhance home value.

When it comes to home energy improvement...New Buffalo Impact makes it simple...from start to finish!
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The cost of home energy is a major factor in the rising cost of owning a home, and as our homes age, the potential costs grow.  Knowledge is a key ingredient in keeping your heating and cooling bills under control, making you feel more comfortable and safe.  Stretching our energy usage not only drives cost down but contributes to a cleaner, greener environment.  That's why we go to great pains making sure you have the energy news you need whether you life here in Western New York, in the USA or around the world.  Energy costs are part of our global society and what goes on around the globe impacts on our costs.

Here are some ways you can stay informed.

Check out our NBI news, our newsletter and our podcast, and you'll get plenty of the information you need to improve your energy profile including tips and energy usage insight.

We even give you a global perspective on our national and international news page.

And, if you really want your voice to be heard head to our feedback page and check out the message board or simply drop us a comment.

Cutting our energy consumption and costs is a tough job, but we can help.  E mail us at:
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